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David Gullen


An extremely busy man with a plethora of published work who deserves to better known. He's a sci-fi writer of such works as Shopocalypse amongst many others. David has more work on the horizon and will be a big name in the near future.

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Drew Merten

To Eli Eichan, a 26-year-old with no delusions of grandeur, the soul is a canvas on which both emotion and deed paint a picture only he can see. Sometimes he uses his abilities to help those in need, other times, he helps the police solve crimes. 

When a series of events happen that leave the police baffled, Eli is asked to assist, only to find that his ability is of little help. He will embark on a battle of truth, and lies, sacrifice and hope, and at the center of it, the lives of his wife and unborn child hang in the balance. 

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Sara Jayne Townsend

A busy writer of horror stories such as Suffer the Children and the collection Soul Screams. With two more novels due out in 2014 she's a very busy lady.

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Gaie Sebold


Prolific author of sci-fi novels such as Babylon Steel and Dangerous Gifts. With more on the way she's a name to look out for.



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Jane Yates


Time travel adventure with twelve-year-old Lily in search of her mother using a rather special machine housed in Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum.



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Other links


The Canadian


For all things Canadian. This great site covers a broad spectrum of topics - political, social and the arts to name few.


Oh, and it featured Tiberius Found, as well.


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