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Hello, my name is Andrew and I write stories for young adults. It's been seventeen minutes since my last writing session.


Actually, I'm not only a writer of novels but also short stories and short- & feature-length screenplays – I was a semi-finalist in the 2009 British Short Screenplay Competition and was commissioned to write a 90-minute feature in 2012 for SeeView Pictures.


Tiberius Found, Tiberius Bound and Tiberius Crowned are the three books in my The Emperor Initiative series. October 2014 saw the release of my first “Oliver Drummond” supernatural adventure novels set in the 1920s: Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen, which sees schoolboy Oliver ‘Bulldog’ Drummond pitting his wits against occult groups, ghosts, murderers and traitors who want to gain control over the horseshoes from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


You can read my Blog here.


I apolgise for the slightly crazed-looking photo. That was me in Barcelona August '13 with a VERY large glass of Estrella. It was good.

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