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2014 saw the re-launch of Tiberius Found which is the first instalment of my three-part The Emperor Initiative series, with the sequel Tiberius Bound released in late March and the concluding part - Tiberius Crowned - in August 2015.


October 2014 also saw the release of my 1920s-set supernatural action/adventure series - Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen - which follows schoolboy Oliver Drummond as he pits his wits against occult murderers, traitors and ghosts as he tries to stop the horseshoes from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse falling into the wrong hands.


Watch the Slide Show to the left to see my current books, or scroll down for full details.

Tiberius Crowned

ISBN-13: 978-1511509600

Genetically engineered Daniel Henstock – codenamed Tiberius – hoped that with Gregory Dryden dead the Emperor Initiative would be leaderless, its interest in him forgotten. He was wrong, and only two months after the dramatic events in Staten Island they decide to strike.


They kidnap Eleanor and tell her their truth about her father: that he tortured Daniel, and that the boy who claimed to be in love with her killed him because of it. Stung by the bitterness of betrayal she agrees to be the instrument of his downfall.


Daniel is determined to finally bring the Emperor Initiative to an end but with his talents diminishing he acknowledges it’s a task he can’t accomplish alone. Miles Brennan and William Cross have to step out of the shadows to make good on their promises of help but in doing so they create powerful enemies.


Daniel travels to the Initiative’s overseas base but finds that Eleanor is trained and ready for him. Rescuing her and destroying the Initiative may not be as easy as he first thought …


TIBERIUS CROWNED is the final instalment in a thrilling young adult action/adventure series – The Emperor Initiative – that has been described as “Alex Rider meets Jason Bourne.”

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Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen

ISBN-13: 978-1500788520

England, 1926 – Schoolboy Oliver Drummond becomes embroiled in the investigation of a Government scientist’s death and quickly learns that all is not as it seems.


The discovery of three of the horseshoes from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse begins a race to unearth the final artefact. Oliver must contend with traitors, followers of the occult, ghosts and the distraction of a girl to ensure that the horseshoes don’t fall into the wrong hands. If he fails then the Horsemen could be unleashed upon the world, and under the control of man hell-bent on dominion.


And sacrifice may be his only option …


OLIVER DRUMMOND AND THE FOUR HORSEMEN is the first in a series of adventures that sees the schoolboy pit his wits, and courage, against enemies both of this world and the supernatural.

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Tiberius Bound

ISBN-13: 978-1495482634

Genetically engineered Daniel Henstock – codenamed Tiberius – dares to think that his life will return to normal. As far as he is concerned his enemy is dead, the shadowy organisation behind The Emperor Initiative is no longer searching for him and his relationship with Eleanor is blossoming.


But on the evening of the High School Ball Daniel discovers that the peace and quiet he so desperately craves has been shattered.


Gregory Dryden is killing off his enemies one by one and Daniel is next on the list. Once again Daniel must make life-changing decisions to not only save himself but also to protect those he cares for.


However, Daniel discovers - too late - that real danger often lies much closer to home.


TIBERIUS BOUND is the second instalment in a thrilling series - The Emperor Initiative - that has been described as "Alex Rider meets Jason Bourne."

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Tiberius Found

ISBN-13: 978-1481148498

What would you do if you discovered your whole life to be a lie?


Daniel Henstock thinks he’s an ordinary schoolboy but on his sixteenth birthday his world is turned upside down. He is the world’s first one-hundred-percent genetically-engineered human - assigned the codename Tiberius - and Gregory Dryden, the man responsible, wants him back so that he can continue his deadly experiments.


Running for his life, Daniel flees to New York and is forced to go ‘off-grid’. In this near-future America, where the security-obsessed authorities require citizens to carry DNA cards, Daniel meets the feisty and beautiful Eleanor. But by falling for her, Daniel also puts her in terrible danger.


Daniel pursues the facts about his origins but is hunted by an agent sent by Dryden to bring him to heel. Can Daniel find out the truth whilst trying to evade those who think they own him? As his enemies close in Daniel must draw on resources he never knew he had to win his freedom - but in doing so he may be walking into a deadly trap ...


TIBERIUS FOUND is the first instalment in a thrilling series - The Emperor Initiative - that introduces an engaging new hero that will appeal to fans of Alex Rider and Jason Bourne.

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